Hot Water by Coworkies

Life After Coworking with Anders Moller

Episode Summary

Our first episode of a mini trilogy series about "Life After Coworking". The first episode is with Anders Moller from Copenhagen and his ex-coworking space Prototype.

Episode Notes

This new episode of HOT WATER by Coworkies is a little bit special. It is part of a mini-trilogy called “Life After Coworking” where we interviewed 3 former founders of coworking spaces in 3 very different cities, inviting them to share their stories and takeaways from starting, running and closing a coworking space. 

This first mini episode was recorded in Copenhagen with Anders Moller, previously the founder of Prototype, the smallest coworking space(just 15 sq.m.) we had the chance to visit and now co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels - A global network of intrapreneurs developing organizations with the mindset of a rebel and the skills of a diplomat.

Together, we discussed how he ended up taking over Prototype, what kind of business model he implemented to allow his 15 sqm space to function and, last but not least, we dived deeper into why he decided to shut it down while discussing the takeaways from his adventure.

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Anders Moller, Co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels - Intrapreneur in Residence
Pauline Roussel, Co-founder and CEO at Coworkies, Host of HOT WATER:

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